Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review of The Art of the Personal Letter by Margaret Shepherd

Synopsis: "When was the last time you wrote a letter? Or received one in the mail?

These days, it’s so easy to dash off a quick e-mail or text message or make a cell- phone call while you’re on the run that you may rarely make time for letter writing. But letters are a time-honored form of connection that simply cannot be equaled or replaced by faster methods of communication.

The Art of the Personal Letter reclaims this lost art, giving you the gift of leisurely expression and allowing you to write beautiful, enduring letters to the people you care about—be it by hand or on a computer. For any occasion—whether you’re reaching out to connect with a long-lost friend or you want to express condolences with grace—author Margaret Shepherd gives you both the inspiration and the tools to write a memorable and meaningful letter that will be cherished by its recipient for years.

Filled with marvelous examples of common types of letters, The Art of the Personal Letter provides helpful guidelines to enhance your unique voice and inspire you to start that holiday letter or difficult letter of apology. From choosing just the right words, the right stationery, and even the right pen or font, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the timeless art of the personal letter."

My Review: I read this book, as it has become my 2013 New Year's Resolution to write a letter to one of my friends and loved ones each month. I was expecting a dry, instructional read but was pleasantly surprised how interesting and fun Shepherd made the book. I have so many pages marked, selections highlighted and notes written in the margins. While this was more of a refresher for me, I did find a lot of useful information. I really loved the chapters towards the end about applying the personal letter to specific situations ranging from break ups, condolences and fundraising! There is so much helpful information packed into this book.
My Rating: This was a great reminder of the power of a letter and was loaded with great tips! I give it a rating of Three Paws.

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