Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Happenings

Boy, I can't believe we have already started 2013!! Where on earth did my 2012 go anyway? Well, as I am sure many of my faithful followers have already figured out is that I completely dropped the ball on my Challenges this year! Surprise, surprise right?! But I totally have an excuse, I swear!!

See?! Isn't he an adorable excuse too (yes I am hoping the cute factor gets me off the hook)!
Well, last year is in the past so I won't worry about those challenges too much ;)  However, this year is just beginning and I have some planning to do and goals to set. 
Since last month was so overwhelming, I will be taking it a little easier this month.  I will be posting the new challenges I will be participating in this year.  I will also make sure to post a wrap up of last year too.   I am very excited for what I have planned for the blog this year. Since Munchkin was born I have really started getting things moving on here and I hope to keep that momentum going.  February will be all about romance, of course.  March will be my special month, I will share some of my favorite books with you through out that month.  I am even planning on having an entire month directed by you, my readers will be picking the books I read and review. 
But before we get to all of that good stuff, did you all have a great holiday season?! Did you get lots of great books?  I didn't get any books, but Munchkin did get a bunch of new books for me to read to him.  My amazing Hubby also got me a Kindle!! YAY!! So excited to read a lot more books on it.  I also received a bunch of gift certificates for both Barnes and Noble and Amazon!  So I need your help picking which books to spend them on, so keep your eyes peeled for posts label "Spend My Money" and come give your opinion on which books I should purchase in different genres!!
So I hope you all are having a fantastic year so far (the whole 5 days of it)!


  1. I say he's the perfect excuse! I wish I had an excuse that good for me not finishing all of my challenges. :P

    Last month ended up being my catch up month since November was so packed with activity. January has been going very well! I've set a lot of little goals for myself this year (which I plan on sharing on my book blog and writing blog shortly) and they're off to a good start. This weekend will be packed with doing those things and writing.

    I can't wait to help pick out books for you! I really want to get a Kindle myself, there are more books available on there and sometimes for far cheaper. :)

    1. Yay for new goals! I don't know if having a good excuse like him is a good or a bad thing LOL!

      I love the Kindle. I think Hubby got it for me because he kept seeing me trying to read books on my phone which had the kindle app. I told him about all the free books I could get from Amazon that aren't available for the Nook.