Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top Ten Emotional Books

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So again I don't participate in Top Ten Tuesday often but what a great list?! The top ten books that we had strong emotions over.  What a great way to find new powerful books to read?!
My Top Ten:
1.  Rhiannon's Ride Trilogy by Kate Forsyth - was on my last top ten list but it made me feel so many emotions, including anger at my poor hubby
2. Fire by Kristin Cashore - I got very emotionally involved with Fire in this one, I felt her anguish and confusion and a whole other mess of emotions.
3. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - had my heart racing through almost the whole book, too bad the next two didn't live up to those same expectations.
4. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks - how could this book not make it on my list, it made me cry tears of joy and sorrow.
5. Dewey the Small Town Library Cat by Vicki Myron - another book that made me cry, thank goodness I listened to it on CD otherwise I wouldn't have been able to read the words.
6. If I Stay & Where She Went by Gayle Forman - just wow, so much emotion packed into these two books.
7. Pegasus by Robin McKinley - with such strong world building and character building its near impossible not to go through the emotions.
8. Divergent by Veronica Roth - another heart hammering book!
Hmm I can't seem to think of two more but I am sure they are out there, but these are the few that stand out the most in my mind.  So how about you? What books made you feel strong emotions?


  1. I haven't read Pegasus yet but McKinley does such an amazing job of evoking emotion. I think I added Rhiannon's Ride to my TBR list...now I'll have to go check. I remember you talking about it.

  2. Um yea, I wouldn't start Pegasus anytime soon, that cliffhanger ending is killer and I just found out today, instead of the next book coming out in 2012, it is now not expected until 2014!! *dies*

    I can't help but suggest you read Rhiannon's Ride when you can, it is so fantastic. I kind of want to read it again soon, but my TBR pile is out of control.

  3. I'm on the home stretch with Divergent right now. I like the book but it hasn't caused deep emotions to swell within me.

    My Head is Full of Books

  4. I think they may have tapped into my own fears with the glass box of water. And there was a lot of anxiety through out that had my heart racing.