Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poetry Pause: O Captain, My Captain by Walt Whitman

I am working in the poetry section of my own 2011 Reading Challenge. I had planned on posting the poems for you to join me in reflecting on them; however, I am not entirely certain on the copyright laws regarding some of the poets we will read. So to be on the safe side I decided to try to link you to the poem I will be reading.

Another option, if you are looking to purchase a book of poetry, I suggest Half Hours with the Best Poets (Barnes & Noble or Amazon)

This is a fantastic collection of poems, nearly all of my top poems are in this one book!

So the next poem is
The title is a link to the poem
I think we all had to read, memorize or paraphrase this poem in High School! Even though it was homework then I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it. There are many many ways to interpret O Captain! My Captain! but I prefer to read it as it is without any symbolism.  It is only a few short lines but it tells a story of a successful voyage, and the homecoming and then tragedy. Quite a range of emotions and picture painted for so few words.  This is definitely one of those classic poems that will remain one of the greats!

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