Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review of Errant by Diana Peterfreund

Synopsis from Goodreads: "In 18th century France, a noble family prepares to celebrate their daughter’s arranged marriage by holding a traditional unicorn hunt. But when an unusual nun arrives at the chateau with her beloved pet to help the rich girl train, nothing goes as expected. Starring hunters, fine ladies, fancy frocks, and killer unicorns.

A standalone novelette set in Peterfreund’s killer unicorniverse, which includes the novels RAMPANT and ASCENDANT"

My Review: This was a short story that takes place prior to the first two books of the Killer Unicorns series. I think this was the best one so far! The characters were strong, the story line and idea clear, and it kept me wanting to know more! It was great seeing young girls standing up for themselves even in a time when it was not done, with the help of the Unicorns of course. This is a great little teaser to go with the other two books, in fact I would have liked the series to focus on this story and these characters because I am more attached to them in that short time than in both Rampant and Ascendant.

My Rating: Its too bad this one was so short because I loved it so much!  I would have given it four paws and a stump wag except the length, so I will give it Four Paws.

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