Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Idea, Bad Timing!

Don't you just hate it when you have a great idea and have this urge to run with it, but it really couldn't have come at a worse time?  I had an idea like that this morning as I was waking up.  A great idea for a story, maybe it had stemmed from a dream I had last night or I got some inspiration from a book I am reading, but its really a great idea.

I get these ideas all the time, but I can never manage to do anything with them because they always come when I can't dedicate enough time to see them through to the end.  I am hoping to participate in Nanowrimo again this year, and I think this story idea would be perfect for it.  I may actually be able to complete it this year, as opposed to my story last year which lost steam after about 15,000 words.

So here I sat at work today furiously jotting down descriptions, plot points, characters, key conversations I had come up with, hoping that I could save my notes for Nano and a time I had set aside specifically for writing.  But noooo my mind just can't work with my schedule! So my quick notes quickly turned into full on writing.

Ugh! *smacks forehead* Now I have a feeling this story is going to flow great until my schedule completely explodes in 2 weeks.  Then guess what will happen . . . . my story will get shoved under a pile of stuff that I completely forget about and by the time I find it again the 'mojo' or muse or inspiration or whatever you want to call it will have long since packed their bags and left.

So what am I to do? Write as fast as possible before the time runs out? Still jot down key points in hopes that maybe my mojo will come back for a visit after the craziness of the next couple months? Who knows what is best but I have always been a person who listens to the muse, so I will write like a mad woman, every spare moment I get until Mojo leaves for a vacation.  Maybe just maybe if I can see this through, it will inspire me to work on the other 3 or 4 half finished stories I have laying around.

So that is my news for today, 5,000+ words written on a story that may or may not ever be complete instead of finishing a book or two that I am enjoying.

Have you written your words today?

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