Wednesday, September 1, 2021

August 2021 Wrap Up & September TBR

 I feel like I am back in full swing finally! It only took from February until now but I am getting my reviews up a little more regularly and I am getting a lot more reading done. I might not be quite hitting my goals but I am still super happy with my August reading.

We will start with my main challenge this year . . .

TBR Books Read:
While I didn't quite finish 5 books off my TBR I did read 4 and DNFed & unhauled one, so it equals out in the end.


And DNFed one other

2021 Books added to TBR & Read:
I didn't do quite as well this month with my reading of the new books on my shelves but still I read 3 of my recent additions this year and unhauled one other that just wasn't jumping out at me.

Other Recent Additions:
I was super bad this month about additions (an honestly it is only going to get worse). In addition to Korgi Book 5, I also added all of these to my shelves (granted I do have most of them planning to be read in the next month or so).

In other reading I am tracking this year, I read . . .

Re-Reads: - COMPETE-
Goal: Re-read 15 books
I just have to say, I totally blew this challenge out of the water this month and I have so many more re-reads I can't wait to get to this year.

Borrowed Books:
Goal: Borrow 30 books

Books Over 500 Pages: - COMPLETE-
Goal: 10 books
Another challenge completed! Again, I have a few more chunky books to get to still this year!
10. The Sea King (598)

Requested Reviews: 
28. Twelve (direct)
29. Hush (Netgalley)
30. Six Crimson Cranes (Netgalley)
32. Heartbreak for Hire (Netgalley) 

 Reading Stats:
I read a total of 27 books this month

Resolutions Check in:
1. Read that TBR: A total of 5 books came off my TBR this month so Yay! A big win for me - CHECK
2. Re-Read More: After a couple of months without any re-reads I might have gone a bit crazy and re-read 10 books! - CHECK
3. Purchase Less & Read More: Not quite a win but I read more books total than I purchased so I am counting that as a win, and really working on that this next month as pre-orders start rolling in - CHECK
4. Keep Trying New Genres/Authors: I tried 7 new to me authors and gave 2 others a second shot,  I also tried some slightly different genres then my normal go tos - CHECK


September TBR
I am still really liking the goal of 4-5 books from my TBR, 4 books from my recent editions and as many review books as I can squeeze, it has a nice balance for me and keeps things interesting with all the different authors, ages and genres.

For TBR books: 

From the Library:

For Re-Reads:

Recent Additions:

Local Star *Currently reading
Stories for Christmas

I am so happy to finally be getting back to a normal schedule around here. I am working on a few new regular features that will link my Instagram account with my blog more and hopefully draw a bit more activity this way soon. Either way, I am so happy to be getting back to my normal reading groove even though I have had to switch to almost exclusively audio books to work with my schedule.

I hope you are all finding yourselves on great adventures in your books!

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