Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Top 5 Wednesday: Local Authors

  Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads.

I am very thankful that a user on Goodreads by the name Gabriella has taken over hosting and selecting topics for Top 5 Wednesday and has revived the group, I am loving the new topics.

This week's topic is about local authors, a subject that is near and dear to my heart.  I have been a strong supporter of my local authors. I purchase their books as often as possible, I attend as many local events and signings as I can, I review and share their books as I read them and I used to host a month long celebration of my Rhode Island Authors (I just haven't had the time the last couple of years).  I have to say, living in the smallest state, I am spoiled with the vast number of authors here!  I tend to lean towards Fantasy and Romance books so that is most of what I read but I try a wide variety of genres from my local authors.  If you want to see more Rhode Island Authors just click the tag RI Authors and you will see all my posts for my local authors.

In the mean time, here are some of my favorites that I have read multiple books from . . .


Christine Depetrillo writes romance in a variety of sub-genres from Paranormal to suspense. I loved her Maple Leaf series and have just started her Warrior Wolves series, I also have her Shielded series downloaded on my kindle.  She has so many more books that I can't wait to add to my shelves!


 Another local Romance author that I love is Marie Force.  She has an unbelievable backlist of books to enjoy and she puts out 3 to 4 new ones every year.  Some of her series are a little intimidating to get into with 12, 16 and even 21 books already released, but luckily the are all pretty quick and engrossing reads.  Totally binge worthy series! So far I have loved the Green Mountain/Butler Vermont series and the Treading Water Series.  She just started a new series, Miami Nights which I will probably dive into next.  If you want to give her a try, I know many of the first books in her series are free on Kindle, and many of her books rotate through Kindle Unlimited as well. 


I have only read one book by Satin Russell so far but the next book is on my TBR for this month!  Satin's romance series is definitely a lot more suspenseful and kind of triggered my trying out more suspense/thriller/mystery type books.  I really enjoyed Secret Hunger and am ready to dive into Secret Need very shortly.  So far there is only the 2 books and a novella in this series but I am sure we will be seeing more from her soon!


I have some catching up to do on Rich Feitelberg's books but I have absolutely loved his classic fantasy style series, The Algaril Cycle.  I have also read a few of his short story collections and there are some really great ideas in them that I am hoping he will expand on once the series is completed in the next year or so!  


Finally, we have one of my favorite authors for younger readers and middle grade readers.  In a world where books specifically for young boy readers are hard to come by, Thom Ring comes through for me and Munchkin.  He has a great series for those young gear heads who are all about the roar of the motor.  He also has some great books around sports for the young readers. 

Have you heard of any of these authors or books?  What are some of your lesser known local authors?

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