Saturday, June 6, 2020

Graphic Novel: Forté by Manon Heugel and Illustrated by Kim Consigny

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Synopsis: "Flavia Antunes grew up in a favela. Her father was a casualty of gang warfare; her mother, a cleaning lady, is all she has left. That is, until she meets Mr. Lima, a wealthy old man who introduces her to her future: the piano. Music will take her far from home, all the way to a prestigious Paris conservatory. Being a foreign student is hard: low-paying jobs, prejudiced landlords, competitive peers. But Paris also has its perks, like love, friendship, and undreamt-of opportunities... Can Flavia find a way to balance the demands of the heart and her demanding art?"

My Review:  I was so excited to discover this graphic novel, I love when there is a focus on the arts in this format of story writing. Flavia's story is beautiful and bittersweet, from a childhood I couldn't imagine to working toward lofty goals and reaching them. The art style was beautiful and the color tones used in the illustration added an extra element to the story. This has also been translated into English and the translation is great, there are some lines that are not in English but I don't mind that as it also adds to the story and settings. Really a beautiful graphic novel, a bit of a hidden gem!

My Rating: I really enjoyed this graphic novel, the way that Flavia's life changed through determination, dedication and the support and love from others translated into a beautiful story.  I give this one a rating of Four Paws!

I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley, the above is my honest review and opinion.

You can find out more about Manon Heugel's work on her Goodreads Page.

Forte was just released in English in April, so you can now obtain your own copy in digital format from Amazon, or request it at your local library.

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