Friday, May 22, 2020

Bedtime Story: But Not the Armadillo by Sandra Boynton

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Synopsis: "For more than thirty-five years, readers have wondered what happens to the mystery armadillo on the last page of Sandra Boynton’s classic board book, But Not the Hippopotamus. Now, at last, comes the long-awaited sequel.

Behold the armadillo, a cute and curious creature who follows his nose wherever it goes. Join him as he quietly travels the less-traveled road: he picks cranberries, stops and smells the flowers, takes a nap in the meadow, searches out the source of a beautiful melody, and at day’s end passes an overeager hippo sprinting the other direction.

Told with Boynton’s signature charm and unpredictability, But Not the Armadillo is a gentle and worthy companion book to But Not the Hippopotamus—perfect for curious little kids and grown-ups alike.

And for everyone who has ever been concerned about the armadillo: Don’t worry. He’s completely fine just the way he is."

My Review: Admittedly, I am a bit obsessed with armadillos and that was the sole reason for picking up this book. I enjoyed the rhymes in the story and the adorable illustrations but it didn't seem quite a silly as the previous Boyton books I have read. I also don't feel like the title really suited the book, when most of it was the armadillo following his senses. It was a great book for introducing little ones to their senses of smell, sound and sight. It was cute, maybe not my favorite but still, there was an armadillo!

My Rating: I just now, after reading the synopsis, realized this is a sequel and maybe it would have made more sense if I had read the first book.  I still adored the story and the little facts about the armadillo and the illustrations are so cute of course! I give it a rating of Three Paws.

For some extra special armadillo love, check out the baby armadillos just born at our local zoo, Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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