Wednesday, April 1, 2020

March 2020 Wrap Up & April TBR

Well, what started off as a really great reading month, dissolved quickly.  Like for so many others in the world, our life was flipped on its head but at least we have a life still. Between setting up a home office and diving head first into homeschooling/ distance learning, there has been little time for reading since the first couple weeks of March.  But I did get some reading done this month!

First and foremost is my only actual challenge for the  year . . .

TBR Books from the Past 3 Years:
I read 4 books off the TBR list from the last 3 years, again, not as many as I wanted to read but with one pretty big book, I am okay with it.


I also read 3 more books off my older TBR (not included in the last 3 years of hauls):

2020 Books added to TBR & Read:
Since I am also limiting my book purchases this year and trying to keep up with reading them, I figured I better add a section to show you the new additions I have read.


March Additions:
I clearly didn't do go a good job of limiting my purchases this month but I gave myself a waiver for my birthday (and I went a little crazy), I also picked up a bunch more later in the month after they closed the libraries and were closing the bookstores as well, but April I will be getting myself back on the railroad tracks!


So that is  lot, I added 32 books to my shelves this month, not at all what I had planned on for this year but I am still okay with it, books are comfort.  But of those 32 books, 2 of them were gifts and 7 have been read and 1 DNFed.  So when you break it down I only have 24 left to read from this month, totally doable!

In other reading I am tracking this year, I read . . .


Borrowed Books:
4. The Test (borrowed, read & then purchased)
5. The Arrival
6. The Queen of Nothing
7. Sorcery of Thorns

Books Over 500 Pages:

Requested Reviews:
Last Couple Standing (Netgalley)
The Last Dogs (Netgalley)
The Alekizou (Direct)
The Elephant's Guide to Hide and Seek (Netgalley)
Spindle and Dagger (Netgalley)

January Reading Stats:
I read a total of 24 books this month
2,294 pages read and 4 days, 8 hours and 50 minute of listening

Resolutions Check in:
1. Read that TBR: I have not been doing great at this and once again fell short of my goals. I am going to call this a miss for the month. - :(
2. Purchase Less Books:Even though this was my birthday month I still purchased way morn books than I should have this month.- :(
3. Read Big Books: After the past couple months of getting through a lot of big books, I decided to give myself a pass this month. - CHECK 
4. Interact: I have been so completely overwhelmed this month that I have been pretty bad about interacting, but honestly real life and mental health comes first. - :(


I have not been reading very much in the midst of all this chaos, simply due to time constraints. It is so hard to read while working at home and teaching and still maintaining the house. So while I want to read a lot, I am going to have to cut down on my TBR list.

For TBR List
White Rose
Murderbot Series
Magic Bites
Honeybees and Frenemies
Dark Harmony
The Deep
To be Taught, if Fortunate
This is How You Lose the Time War

How is everyone doing? Are you escaping into books or having a hard time fitting it into your new schedules?

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