Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Top 5 Wednesday: Rainy Day Reads

Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes on Youtube.

Well this week's topic works out well for our current weather cycle, books to read on rainy days. There are definitely different types of rainy days, those cold gloomy days, the light spring drizzle, the sudden down pour followed by a beautiful sunset.  So I thought I would pick a different read for each of my rainy day moods.

Cold, Gloomy Rainy Day
This calls for something dark and maybe a touch scary. I find this the perfect time to read Frankenstein (again) or one of the re-telling books.

Another great option for a good fall rainy day is 

Light, Drizzly Day
Nothing says Spring like those light, drizzly days, when it showers off and on all day but never really gets more than a drizzle.  One of the books I have set out to pick up one of these lighter rainy days is Bambi.

Booming Thunderstorms
When the thunder is rattling the windows and the power will potentially go out, I want a book I have re-read or know so well that I know what will happen next and don't necessarily need to see the words to continue the story.  For this it could be a lot of books but for some reason the one that is coming to mind now is the Merry Gentry Series.

Damp, Chilly Rainy Day
You know those days, when it really isn't that cold but it is so damp that you just get chilled to the bone and can't get warm no matter what, you just want to put on your coziest socks and wrap up in the biggest blanket.  For these days I feel like a big epic adventure is appropriate, something that will take you away to a far away land. Can you pick a better destination than this . . .

Rain All Day Followed by a Brilliant Sunset
I love those days when it rains all day, keeping me inside but it warms up and clears out just as the sun is setting, the colors on the clouds are amazing! For these days I want a nice romance with a happily ever after ending! Small Town/Big Family works great for this like the Green Mountain/Butler Vermont series.  Or a Billionaire Series like Marriage to a Billionaire.

So what do you read on rainy days? Are you a mood reader when weather strikes?

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  1. I love how you described the different kinds of rainy days. I still need to read The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Franketstein!