Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Bookshelf Magazine Tag

It has been a while since I have done a Tag post and I decided it was time to post something other than reviews.  Then I saw Harriet Rosie post a tag video to promote her new online magazine, I had to do her tag.  I am so excited for her magazine, The Bookshelf Magazine (that will launch October 1st), unlike other literary magazines I have found which are geared more towards publishers and people in marketing or buying for businesses or libraries, this one will be more for those of us reading for fun or for blogs, youtube, or instagram feeds. If you get a chance go check out her announcement video HERE to find out more.

In the mean time, on with The Bookshelf Magazine Tag:

1. Book Review: A book you could talk about for hours
Well you should all know by now that I could talk about Frankenstein for hours on end, in fact, what happened to that old tradition of lectures open to the public? I want to go to a public lecture about Frankenstein, and then a discussion group after.

2. Author Spotlight: An author you’ve read a LOT of books from
Besides the early chapter book  and children's book authors, who turn out half a dozen books a year and sometimes have over 100 books in their series, my most read author is Laurell K. Hamilton with a total of 34 books, but I have since stopped reading her series.  
More recently I have really enjoyed Laura Kaye with 19 books and Jennifer Probst with 15 books.  Clearly the romance genre is my go to with certain authors because they are top of my list.

3. Interviews: A bookish person whose brains you’d love to pick!
I would love to pick the brain of a head librarian, I want to know how they manage the library, what goes into selecting the books and themes throughout the year.

4. Inside Indie Bookstores: Are there any indie bookstores in your area?
Yup, there are a few, a couple of my favorites are Barrington Books Retold, The Unlikely Story and a used book store called Mary's Paperback Books.  There is a used book store I found up in Maine on vacation one time that I so want to return to, but I can't remember the name of it.  One other new book store recently opened called Riff Raff which also serves adult beverages and appetizers to go with your books and hanging out with other readers; I haven't been yet but so want to go!  

5. Recommendations by Genre: The genre you read the most from
This fluctuates a bit but the past year or two it has mostly been fantasy, before that it was a lot of romance.  I do a feel like there is a bit of shift going on in my reading preferences lately, so we are going to have to see what comes up next. 

6. Opinion Piece: A bookish opinion you feel strongly about
Audio books are still reading books! It drives me so crazy when someone says that it doesn't count when you listen because you aren't actually doing the reading.  The same goes for reading books for younger readers and graphic novels, it is all reading!

7. Recommending Bookish Creators: Recommend a book blogger, booktuber, or bookstagrammer
I am really bad about keeping up with my fellow book bloggers, I only have time to visit in the evenings and I can't stand reading blogs on my phone.  As far as booktube I really enjoy content from Kitty GJess Reads BooksBexnBooksSassenach the Book WizardShaeGeeksOut and NovelTea Corner.
For instagram, I love @Superspacechick@Theardentbiblio@latashasbookworld@dauntlessreading and I love @Adrienneyoungbooks the author of Sky in the Deep, she is so encouraging and open about the writing and publishing process.

8. Readathon Round Ups: Your favourite readathon
My favorite readathons are the longer ones, like Bout of Books, Tome Topple and Middle Grade March

9. Publishing Trends: A trope you enjoy in books
I really enjoy the enemies to lovers/friends, when it is done well and without a love triangle, I really gobble that up. As much as I really enjoy the Alpha Males in my books I also love the Alpha Female who won't let him get away with that crap. 

10. Who do you tag?
I don't know if anyone I tag will actually post the tag but here it goes . . 
Kami's Library Thoughts and Alternate Readality because I know you will both at least read this.
Stef at NovelTea Corner


  1. Fun tag! I’m all about audiobooks counting! I hate when people say they don’t count.

    1. It was a fun tag to do, and I have been checking out the magazine's site and I really like the layout and the articles. I wish it was a print magazine to flip through and keep on a nightstand but it is great.