Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Book Covers You Want to Live In

Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tome on Youtube.

So the topic for today is to pick our top 5 book covers we would want to live in.  At first I thought this would be a tough one, because it is not the covers we love but that we would personally want to live.  Most of my book covers have a war scene or everyone has a weapon, and honestly I am just not cut out for that type of world.  Other covers I love are covered in snow, and while it makes a really pretty cover, I kind of hate the stuff. Then we have all my After Dark books, while very tempting, usually there is already a girl in the picture (and Hubby would be none to pleased lol).  But then once I started looking at all the books I have read in the past it started become hard to narrow the choices down to 5.  But here are my picks . . . 

First is obvious . . . Books! & a friendly cuddly lion

This one has my stress melting away just looking at it, and the other books in the series are just as good! Here, this is where I want to go.

I don't know how you could have read this book at any point and not wanted to live in Dinotopia.  Odd, I know but how cool would that be?!

I had to sneak a good western book in, horses, cowboys, wide open spaces, that is home to me and always will be.

And I had to add something fantasy, a flying horse, beautiful mountains, rivers and castles in the background?! Sign me up and take me away!

I had to add one more for an honorable mention because Puppies and Kittens are life!

There you have it, you could transport me to any one of these covers and I would be a pretty happy camper. What about you? Any of these appeal to you or is there something else you would prefer?


  1. The cover to Sweet Tomorrows looks perfect. I'd love to be in that hammock right now.

    1. What I wouldn't give to be in that hammock! The view would be amazing and some quiet time to read.

  2. I want that hammock!! I'd like to crawl into all these covers. Great choices!

    1. I think all of them look like pretty happy places to be.