Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pen to Paper: Incoming and Outgoing February - March

Hello everyone, boy I have not been very good at scheduling these posts huh? Oh well, I guess that is part of my slightly more relaxed take on blogging. I have been slowly but surely catching up in my letter writing, I am still a little behind but I am definitely getting there.  So I have a few of the incoming and out going letters to share with you.
Incoming Mail:
A very sweet package from a friend with local candies for me and a very fun book to share with Munchkin.
this Christmas letter from Germany seems to have gotten lost in the system but it did find its way to me eventually!

Another letter from Germany full of goodies, I love the postcard and munchkin has already snagged the little picture.

A long letter from the UK that was full of news from Christmas through the new year.
Outgoing Mail: 
It has been a while since I used non-fountain pen stationery but this one was calling to me and a shimmery purple gel pen was perfect to use on it.

A winter themed letter to respond to a Christmas letter, we are expecting snow this weekend but my days of using snow and winter themed paper is quickly running out!

This is a very, very delayed letter, a response from way back in November.  I decided to make my own stationery with some sloth stamps, it seemed very appropriate!
Here is a better look at the sloth paper I made (I used Tome paper - a fountain pen friendly paper) and stamped with the My Favorite Things Sweet Sloth set using Stazon ink and colored with water color pencils but didn't use water because I wasn't sure if the paper could hold up to it.
So what has been coming in the mail to you? Have you been sending letters recently?


  1. I love the sloth stationary. I have been really lax in my blogging as well. I need to get back to it. I'm glad you liked your little package!

    1. I really like how the stationery came out and I am looking forward to making more (whenever I find the time), I do have an idea for some fun spring stationery. Thank you we loved our little package, the book was so cute!