Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pen to Paper: Currently Inked & Incowrimo Update

Hello everyone, have you missed the Pen to Paper posts lately? Sorry they have been missing, one week was because of a snow day (and if you have been following me for a while you know I only have access to a computer at the office) and the other week was due to being sick.  But I am back at it again.  I thought I would share my progress of the Incowrimo (International Correspondence Writing Month).  I am still behind on responding to my pen pals but I am nearly caught up.  The goal of this month is to send mail each day of the month (excluding non-mail days like holidays or Sundays).  So far I have written 5 letters, sent 6 greeting cards and 3 short note cards for a total of 14, which shockingly enough I am on target for sending mail each day!
Have you been participating in Incowrimo? How is your month going?
Another thing I wanted to start sharing with you is my currently inked fountain pens.  I have really enjoyed writing with fountain pens and all the beautiful inks, and now that I have discovered fountain pen friendly stationery I am using them so much more.  So here are my currently inked pens and the colors & brands of inks that I am writing with this month.

Have you tried fountain pens? If you have what is your favorite pen and/or ink?  I really love the Noodler's Polar Green right now, it is such a spring color. I think my favorite pen to write with is the Pilot Metropolitan. The Jinhao's while I love the look of them, they tend to be a little heavy for my hands. I also love the Lamy Safari but I am not a fan of the triangle grip, it just doesn't fit my hand well.
Anyway, I hope that you have found a bit of sunshine in your mailbox lately!


  1. I have always wanted to have a fancy fountain pen, but I'm very intimidated by them.

    1. I was a little intimidated at first too but they really aren't that bad. You can start out with disposable ones first to see if you like them before jumping in too.