Friday, February 10, 2017

Bedtime Story: Hedgehugs by Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper

Read for: Children's Book Challenge & Valentine's Day
Synopsis: "Horace and Hattie are hedgehogs, and the very best of friends. Together, they make daisy chains, splash in puddles, and have tea parties. But there is one thing they can't do—hug! They are just too spiky. Throughout the seasons, these two hedgehogs will try many different ways of hugging. But will Horace and Hattie find a hug that feels just right?"

My Review: Munchkin received this book some time ago in the Booku Box and I guess he has been reading it at preschool. He pulled it off the shelf and insisted reading it, I think he knew I would adore this story. It is a very cute little story and is prefect for Valentine's Day. The illustrations are very cute too. Munchkin really enjoyed the story and was so excited to share it with me.
My Rating: This is a really cute story about friendship and overcoming obstacles to maintain that friendship.  It is so cute and perfect for Valentine's Day.  We give this one a rating of Four Paws!
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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