Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pen to Paper: Fold and Mail Stationery

Hello all! Hope you are having a wonderful January. Winter has suddenly arrived here in full force with bitter cold, wind and of course snow. Other than reading I can't think of anything better to do on these blustery days than to write to my pen pals.  So far this month I have shown you so fun and creative ways to dress up your pen pal letters by making flip books.  Now I know not all of you enjoy crafting so I have another idea for you today.
Have you ever heard of Fold and Mail Stationery? I remember getting pads of this thick cardstock like paper to write on when I was younger. I hadn't been able to find it the past couple of years, but have discovered it anew recently, and it seems to making a little bit of a come back.  The wonderful thing about this stationary is that it is all in one, you write your letter on one side and then fold it up and seal it, the other side acts as an envelope. All you need is a pen and a stamp.
The wonderful thing is that you can find some very beautiful variations of this stationery.  I recently ordered this set from
You can also make your own by simply using scrapbooking pattern paper with either a blank or light colored side for writing and the brighter pattern can make a beautiful envelope (this pin gives you measurements & instructions).
I am looking forward to using this paper (which should be arriving in the mail today) for quick letters and notes, especially for the upcoming Month of Letters (more on that next week).
Hope you all find something happy in your mail box this week!


  1. I remember these! I like them. So easy to use.

    1. They are perfect for short letters on the go, I am thinking about getting another package to keep at the office too.