Thursday, December 3, 2015

Advent Reads Day 3: A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid

My Review: "In this heartwarming novel, author Greg Kincaid tells the tender story of how one very special dog changed the lives of his adoptive family--and an entire town--forever.

""Todd, they always want you to adopt a dog. That's what they do. Besides, we don't need another animal around here, and most definitely not a dog."
"When Todd McCray, a developmentally challenged young man still living on his parents' Kansas farm, hears that a local animal shelter is seeking temporary homes for its dogs during the days leading to Christmas, he knows exactly what he wants for the holidays. His father objects, but Todd's persistence quickly wins out. Soon the McCrays are the short-term foster family for a lovable pooch the young man names "Christmas."
But what about all the other dogs who will be forced to spend the Yuletide season in cages? In the days that follow, Todd uses his special gifts of persuasion to encourage his hometown to participate in the "Adopt a Dog for Christmas Program." What follows from his small act of kindness will teach his family, and his community, about peace on earth and good will toward men--and animals."

My Review: This was such a heartwarming and tear-jerking story for the holiday season. I loved all the characters (and am especially thrilled to find out that this is part of a series so I can spend more time with all of them) and the story is right up my alley as an animal lover. It was a pretty short read, only a few hours and would be perfect way to warm up after a cold winter day. It also brings across a beautiful holiday message, not about giving gifts but about giving love.
My Rating: I love these feel good holiday stories, especially when they involve animals. This was such a fantastic story and I hope that you will give it a try (and potentially look for programs similar to the one in the story near you). I give it a rating of Four Paws and a Stump Wag!


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas read. I love warm and fuzzy with a side of tears.

    1. It is exactly that, full of warm, fuzzy feel good feelings (and of course a side of tears).