Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Reading Challenge List

Another year and many more reading challenges!! I can't believe how well last year went and I am looking forward to another great reading year, especially as Munchkin is starting to identify words and starting to read on his own with the LeapReader tool!
So here are the challenges I hope to complete in the year 2016, I will not be putting up individual sign up posts because I don't really keep up with updating anyway on the original host pages.
Children's Book Challenge
For nearly every year I have made a point to read children's books, and honestly the Bedtime Story posts have been some of my most viewed posts. So I will continue to read Children's books in an abundance. My goal is to read at least 60 but no more than 80 Children's books this year. *I already own all the books needed for this challenge.
Early Reader Challenge
I have started reading early reader (Step into Reading/ I Can Read etc) books of various levels in preparation for Munchkin reaching these reading levels, this year I will be expanding on this challenge as we are starting to break into these books. My goal for this year is to read 60 books. *5 more books needed for this challenge
Graphic Novel Challenge
Since a good friend of mine introduced me to the genre a few years ago I have fallen in love with this vast area of reading. I continue to test out different types and I will continue to do so this year. My goal is to read 26 this year. *Have all the books for this challenge except 1 to be released.
Audio Book Challenge
Over the past couple of years I have found a new love, audiobooks! I have been increasing the number of audiobooks I listen to each year. I almost never listen to music in the car anymore and I always have an audiobook going while doing crafts or painting my nails. This year will be no different. I intend to listen to 24 audiobooks this year. *I own 15 so far.

Series Challenge
I have a habit of waiting to read a series until I own all the books or at least a large number if the series is ongoing. I have several series in my TBR pile so I plan to read (and re-read the early books if I had started the series) 5 full series. For my own reference here are the series I plan to read (with * for the ones I already own)

1. Nine Kingdoms by Lynn Kurland - Book 1*, Book 2*, Book 3*, Book 4*, Book 5*, Book 6*, Book 7*, Book 8*, Book 9*

2. The Hound Saga by Mette Ivie Harrison - Book 1*(print), Book 2*(ebook), Book 3, Book 4, Book 5

3. Deadly Liasons by Leigh Wilder - Book 1*, Book 2*, Book 3*, Book 4*

4. The Selection by Kiera Cass - Book .1*(nook), Book .2* (nook), Book 1*(audio), Book 2* (audio), Book 2.1* (nook), Book 2.2*(nook), Book 3*(audio), Book 3.1, Book 4*(audio), Book 5

5. Heart Mates by Robin D. Owens - Book 1*(rr), Book 2*(rr), Book 3*(rr), Book 4*(rr), Book 5*(rr), Book 6*(rr), Book 7*(rr), Book 8*(rr), Book 9*(rr), Book 10*, Book 11*, Book 12*, Book 13*, Book 14*, Book 15*

6. Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot - Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6, Book 7, Book 8, Book 9, Book 10, Book 11* (audio)

7. Compass Girls by Mari Carr - Book 1*, Book 2*, Book 3*, Book 4*

8. Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborn - Books 1-50 are owned (need 51-54)

Mount TBR
As always I have a mountain of books that need to be read at some point (especially before purchasing any more books). This year I thought I would split my TBR in half to make sure I read both print and ebooks. So my goal is to read at least 50 print books and 50 ebooks off my TBR pile. *obviously all the books for this challenge are owned.

Rhode Island Authors
Last year after attending a Rhode Island Authors Expo I had a month long feature in March. I plan to have this feature again and of course will be reading books written by my local authors, interviews with a few and of course giveaways. My goal is to have at least 15 books, 3 interviews & 1 giveaway (maybe more).

Requested Reviews:
I am having to start limiting the number of these books that I am taking on, even though I have loved so many wonderful books over the years.  I will still be reading several of these books and hope to continue posting about twice a month on Wednesdays. I will be accepting only 15-20 reviews sent by authors (please be sure to check my policy page before sending a request) and I will read/ request no more than 17 books on Netgalley.

Additional Challenges/ Reading Lists
I have been debating an After Dark challenge, I usually read plenty but I don't want to put pressure on myself to read more than I already have listed. So I may end up reading 20 or so of these but don't want to promise anything.

Additionally, I will continue to have my Advent Reads books, I will read 25 Christmas/holiday books for that December event. I do already own all 25 books that I will need but am open to other suggestions too.

Of course I have been doing the Goodreads Challenge for 5 years now and 2016 will be another year too. I will set my goal at 325 this year.


  1. Wow! You always do so many challenges. I'm impressed. I just do the Goodreads challenge. I'm too easily overwhelmed.

    1. Fortunately many of the books I read cross over to more than one challenge. There are several books I can't wait to read and am so looking forward to this year!

  2. My head is spinning! Good luck! :)

    1. Haha mine is too a little but I am so excited for some of the books on my shelves for this year!