Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pen to Paper: Where to Find New Pen Pals - Advertisements

How is everyone this week? Did you all write to someone you normally only send a Christmas Card? I did send a card to one of my cousins who we seldom see and only exchange Christmas Cards and brief Happy Birthday messages on Facebook. I would love to have closer relationships with my cousins, but there is an awful lot of them hahaha!
Anyway on to today's discussion, I want to continue where we left off last week discussing who you can send pen pal letters to. Years ago you could often just open the want ads in the newspaper or in a magazine and find a list of Pen Pals Wanted ads. I think those days are pretty much gone, but I don't get a newspaper so maybe you can still find those ads. In the internet days of now you generally have to look online for most things.
A few places to look for ads of people wanting a pen pal might be online newspapers, craigslist personals, and local interest sites. Now I am in no way saying just go look at those pages and write to anyone that posts an ad, please use caution, not everyone out there is as friendly as they present themselves. I myself have never tested any of these ideas or sites out, but I would strongly suggest if you do decide to respond to one of these adds to maybe use a post office box address or even your work address instead of you home address until you are comfortable with your new pen pal.
One site that I have followed and even written a couple of people is called Pen Pal of the Week. This is a fun site where people can write in like an ad and the ladies who run the site will put the ad up for all to see. This site is great and it is fun to see actual handwriting, quirks, some information, and stationary tastes of potential new pen pals before writing to them. (These are also the ladies who run the stationary subscription La Papierre that I have been using).
So if you want to find a new pen pal other than family and friends, and maybe someone who will actually respond to your letters as they are also wanting to be pen pals, check out advertisements!
Your Mission for the Week: Send an encouragement letter. We all know someone who might be struggling with a decision or a big event coming up in their lives (heck it is getting close to midterms too), and sometimes all it takes is hearing that someone believes in them to help them gain the confidence in themselves.

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