Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review of Irona 700 by David Duncan

Read for: Netgalley/ Requested Review
Synopsis: "Fantasy at its most enchanting: An original and absorbing tale from a master storyteller about the profound effects of a single life on the battle against ultimate evil

It is Midsummer Day, the beginning of the year 700, in the city of Benign. All the children born in the year 684 celebrate their joint sixteenth birthday by passing in front of the statue of the blind goddess Caprice—but only one will become the Chosen and join the Seventy who govern and guide the city.

Much to her surprise, Irona Matrinko, one of the many children of an impoverished fisherman, is chosen. Irona 700 moves into the palace and, with the help of a new mentor, recognizes and cultivates her great talent for guiding wars: strategy and tactics, leadership and inspiration.

As Irona gives her life to the city, an ancient enemy, Maleficence, attacks again and again, corrupting Irona’s friends, destroying her lover, and continually defeating her grandest plans for peace and harmony. Along the way, Irona becomes a masterful politician, a shrewd judge of character, and, even at great cost to her personal happiness, a true heroine."

My Review: This was a review I received from NetGalley. I have really been into fantasy lately and this looked like an interesting read. I must admit I wanted to start it a few times but the page count was a little daunting. Once I did start it though it was just as intriguing as the synopsis is, I was instantly drawn into the world. I really enjoyed Irona's character, she has so many different aspects and she has a strength from within as opposed to what is normally common of fantasy novels. The story does have rather slow pacing and sometimes you really wonder exactly where the story is going or what the point is but then it will draw you back in with another interesting tidbit thrown into the plot line. It all seems rather new and refreshing in a genre that can get a little cliché.
My Rating: This was a great read, though it is rather long and the pacing isn't super fast but you soon forget about the time and become completely involved in the story.  I give it a rating of Four Paws!


  1. This one does sounds good. Sometimes a nice long fantasy is just what you need.

    1. It was really good and nice to totally immerse myself in the book. Surprisingly enough it consumed all my attention and I didn't read any other books at the same time!