Saturday, March 14, 2015

RI Author Feature: Review of To Serve a King by Donna Russo Morin

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Synopsis: "From her earliest days, Genevieve Gravois has known one fact above all: Francis I, king of France, is her enemy. Raised by her embittered aunt after her parents' deaths, Genevieve has been schooled in things no woman should know - how to decipher codes, how to use a dagger and a bow, and how to kill. For Henry VIII has a destiny in mind for the young girl - as his most powerful and dangerous spy.
When the time is ripe, Genevieve enters the magnificent world of the French court. With grace to match her ambition, she becomes maid of honor to Anne de Pisseleau, King Francis's mistress. Yet neither the court - which teems with artistry and enlightenment as well as intrigue - nor Francis himself are at all what Genevieve expected. And with her mission, her life, and the fate of two kingdoms at stake, she will be forced to make deadly decisions about where her heart and her ultimate loyalties lie."

My Review: I was very intrigued by the idea of a female assassin in the French court. Morin definitely did a lot of research before writing this book and I like how she intertwined actual historical figures and events with the fictional ones. The one thing I must say is that this is a book that you need to be able to focus on entirely, there are a lot of characters and little things to keep track of (I had to re-read a few pages because I tried to read it while sitting at the DMV). Also the list of characters is extremely helpful. I have to say the majority of the book moved slowly but towards the end things absolutely took off and you couldn't wait to see what was on the next page.
My Rating: I did enjoy this one, I just think it would have been more enjoyable if I had the time to really focus on this book and this book alone. I give it a rating of Three Paws.


  1. This one sounds very good. I'll have to read it when I can really focus on it.

    1. You definitely need some quiet time to focus, the DMV is definitely not the place to read a complicated book!