Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Audio Review of Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews

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Synopsis: "After years of hard work, Gina Foxton, chef extraordinaire and former runner-up Miss Teen Vidalia Onion, is hosting her own show, Fresh Start, on Georgia public television. She's also dating the producer. But when Fresh Start goes bad—and her boyfriend is caught in flagrante delicto with the boss's wife—Gina decides it's time to pursue bigger dreams. Namely a gig on national television.

Gina knows she's destined to be the Cooking Channel's next superstar. But the execs also have their eyes on Tate Moody, Mr. "Kill It and Grill It" himself, host of the hunting, fishing, and cooking show Vittles. The ultimate man's man, Tate is a tasty side of beef with a large, swooning female fan base. Gina's loyal devotees consist of her free-spirited college-dropout sister and her mother . . . who calls every single day.

When the smoke clears there can be only one TV chef standing, and Gina and Tate are ready for the cook-off of their lives."

My Review: I listened to the audio version of this one and really enjoyed the narrator, she did a great job with the various voices and the accent. It did take me a while to get into this one, I really didn't like Gina at first, she seemed a little arrogant but clueless. The story really started picking up steam when they got to the food fight. I loved the back and forth between Tate & Gina and the odd characters that seem to surround them all the time. Getting to the last 2 hours (6 hour read) I really didn't want to stop listening.
My Rating: For a little bit of a rocky start, I really got into this one and enjoyed it. I give it a rating of Four Paws.


  1. I hate when books have slow starts. I'm glad it picked up.

    1. Sometimes a slow start is okay but with these mostly fun, mindless reads I am not a huge fan of a slow start.