Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! ~Resolutions, Plans & Point System for 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe celebration!
I for one have been counting down the days and hours until I could dive into the new stack of books for this year.  I always get that way when I start to see the new books just waiting to be opened, it will be hard to choose what books to read first.
As you have seen throughout December I have been signing up for many challenges and I just wanted to sum up some of the goals and plans for this year as well as share a few new ideas for this year.
Challenges Signed Up For:
Children's Books - 60 books
Beginning Readers - 30 books
Re-Read Challenge - 15 books
Across the States Challenge - 50 books
Audio Challenge - 15 books
Graphic Novel Challenge - 26 books
Mount TBR Challenge - 60 books
Series Challenge - 56 books
Goodreads Challenge - 312 books
Requested Reviews - 25 books
Posting Schedule:
I plan to stick somewhat to the schedule I have already had since it seems to be working.
Monday - Monday Reading List & What's for Dinner
Tuesday - Review
Wednesday - Review (if there is a requested review it will be on this day)
Thursday - Review/ After Dark Review
Friday - Beginning Reader Review (Twice a month) & Bedtime Stories
Saturday - Graphic Novel Review (twice a month)/ From the Book/ Movie before the Book
Sunday - Crafty Times/ Mini Reviews
I plan to keep posts to only 2 a day and reviews to one or two in a day.
I know I haven't been real consistent with the From the Book, Movie First, Crafty Times  and What's for Dinner posts, but how have you guys been enjoying them? If there is something you would like to see or would rather not see anymore please let me know, after all this blog is for both me and you to enjoy.
Writing Goals:
I didn't do so hot in my writing goals last year and I find that between reading so much and dealing with a toddler on my own most of the time I am not only uninspired but also lack a lot of the time.  I will still update every so often on my writing progress if I make any but that will be much less.
I do want to get back into handwritten letters and cards though during the year.  I didn't write as often as I wanted last year and felt that lack.  I have received some beautiful new stationary and cards from some generous friends and plan to put that to good use.  I do plan once again to write at least once a month, an actual letter or card (not including holiday or birthday cards).
Point System:
So I am like many of you obsessed with books and have an overflowing TBR shelf.  Especially this last year I worked hard to obtain the vast majority of the books I plan to read this year. So I really only need to purchase about a dozen or so books for challenges this year.  I definitely need to limit my purchasing (I think hubby is catching on that books don't reproduce on their own).  I saw randomly on another blog they had a point reward system for reading books.  I thought I could alter that idea for my own needs. So I will gain points for each book I read and can use those points toward purchasing more books.
Here is the break down on how to earn points:
Children's & Beginner books = 1 point each
Graphic novels = 2 points each
Audio books & Digital books = 3 points each
Print books = 5 points each
Completing a Series = 5 bonus points
Completing a Challenge = 10 bonus points
10,000 Pages Read = 10 bonus points
How the points can be used:
15 points = Children's & Beginner books
20 points = Audio, digital or graphic novels
25 points = print book
The points add up with each book read and completed (I don't get the points until the review is completed) and then the points can be used to purchase new books (once the points are used they are gone & can't be used again).  There are a couple exceptions (because honestly I have to ease into this a little).
Audible Membership - I already pay the monthly fee so get to download 1 audio book per month without using points
BookBub Deals - I get the daily emails from bookbub with deals on books, I will only be allowed to download 2 FREE books a week (any .99c books have to wait for points)
Scholastic Book Orders - Munchkin gets the scholastic fliers at daycare and honestly these are such good deals and so fun I can't help myself (and the lady in charge knows that and uses it against me).  So I will limit myself to $15 per order.
So what do you think about that? Do you think I can stick with it?
Personal Resolutions:
~Stick with a 52 week savings plan (for a trip to Disney in a couple of years)
~Continue with painting my nails weekly/biweekly (I need to get better about taking pictures, I had some good ones this year that I didn't get pictures of before they chipped)
~Do more fun things with Munchkin (go to the park at least once a month when nice, go to the beach this summer, go to the zoo at least once, go ride a train, go pumpkin picking, & go see the Christmas Light display).
~Get some time with Hubby (have at least one date every other month).
What are your plans/goals/resolutions this year?


  1. Wow so many challenges and plans. Good luck!

    1. It is a lot but with last year being such a success I figured might as well shoot high again this year!

  2. Whew! That'll keep you busy! Have fun with your challenges this year! Nails are on my list of things outside of books to do more of too :) I've had fun playing with different designs this year :)

    1. That it definitely will! I have had so much fun with my nails this year and have gotten drastically better (especially at painting my right hand) and I want to do a lot more this year. Just a little something for myself.