Friday, July 25, 2014

Bedtime Story: Milo Armadillo by Jan Fearnley

Synopsis: "When no one can find a pink fluffy rabbit to buy for Tallulah on her birthday, Grandma gets creative with her knitting needles. But the surprise Tallulah lifts out of the box is not a rabbit, it’s a pink fluffy . . . thing, named Milo Armadillo. He’s athletic, musical, and great for sharing adventures, but Tallulah’s friends say he’s funny-looking. What can poor Milo do to make Tallulah happy? With humor, poignancy, and a nod to the out-of-the-ordinary, this sweet story shows that if you can’t be with the one you want, you can definitely love the armadillo you’re with.'

My Review: I thought this was a very cute story with a great message (and of course it doesn't hurt that it features my favorite animal). I really, really love the lesson taught in this story about loving unique gifts and showing appreciation for them even if they aren't what everyone else has or wants. The illustrations were brightly colored and definitely caught Munchkin's eye and even though this book is suppose to be for kids a little older than him he was very happy to sit and listen to the whole story.
My Rating: A cute story featuring and Armadillo! Talk about Win Win! I give it a rating of Four Paws!
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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