Monday, June 9, 2014

What's for Dinner this Week? (10)

What's for Dinner This Week is a little insight into my life for you every Monday night. I carefully plan out meals for the week ahead of time and do my shopping over the weekend.  So I wanted to start sharing with you one of the recipes or dinners I am most looking forward to each week.
Normally my husband cooks on the weekends because he likes to make big extravagant food that takes all or most of the day (he makes a killer lasagna from scratch and is the master of smoking and BBQ).  But it is Father's Day this weekend and so I figured we would give him at least Sunday off.  He hasn't put in any specific requests for the meal me and Munchkin cook for him, so it has left me a little lost as to what to make him.
He eats most things other than raw veggies, but I know he loves grilled chicken but he made some great chicken with his own rubs and BBQ sauce just a couple of weeks ago.  So I was off scouring Pinterest and Allrecipes for some ideas. And then I came across a picture of a Kabob! Perfect, I will make simple bites to snack on throughout the day (while we wash his truck of course since that is his request for Father's Day).
I found this delicious looking recipe for grilled chicken tenders, Herb Grilled Chicken Tenders
That will cook up nicely along with veggie kabobs filled with zucchini, squash, mushrooms and onions.
I also found a recipe for Cheesy Garlic Bites that I think will be tasty to go along with the chicken (and will go over well since we are a bread loving house).
I might also get some shrimp to kabob or sauté up, and debating whether I will be up to making the dumplings Hubby loves. I guess I will have to see how the day goes. 
So what are you making the father/ father figure in your life?



  1. OH my gosh the cheesy garlic bites. *drools* Love making kabobs. They're so nice when you have a half vegetarian group half meat eating group since you can do so many different varieties :) Hope yall have a great Father's Day weekend :)

    1. I will let you know how those garlic bites turn out, they look super simple. I don't know why we don't do Kabobs more often because they are so simple and can please anyone.