Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Challenges Update

So I meant to update you on my challenge progress at the beginning of the month but you all know how time gets away from me. Anyway, here is the update on all of my current challenges for this year.  Huge progress on some and none on others but I hope to remedy that soon!
I haven't gotten any reading done on this challenge, but I have obtained the books I need on the Lone Star Sisters series and the Daughters of the Glen series.  I am hoping to dedicate the month of June to reading series of books.
Again I haven't gotten any reading done on this challenge, but once I finish a couple of my requested reviews and the Spend My Money books for this month, Speak or Wintergirls is next on my list.
I am actually in the middle of listening to my first Audio this year, a little over half way through the Life of Pi and hope to finish soon. I think the next one will be Heat Wave.
I committed to reading 100 books this year and am way ahead of this challenge, currently at 57 read.  I am thinking I may be increasing this goal to 130 depending on where I am at 6 months.
So that is the current status of my 2013 challenges, hopefully I will make more progress on them in the next couple of months!!  Hope your year has been filled with books that you are enjoying, that is more important than completing a challenge in my opinion.

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