Friday, March 15, 2013

Bedtime Story: Ten Apples Up on Top

Synopsis: "Since 1961, Ten Apples up on Top has been helping preschoolers learn to count and read simultaneously. Simple illustrations and even simpler rhymes make this apple-balancing competition between a dog, a tiger, and a lion a fun, easy place to practice sight words and phonics. Siblings can even take turns reading phrases like "Seven apples up on top. I am so good they will not drop." The inevitable tumbling crash is a great climax for busy toddlers to enjoy, and parents will appreciate the cooperative lesson the last page offers."

My Review: I recall this being a favorite of both myself and my brother. Now that I read it to my Munchkin though it seems to encourage 'one-up-manship' and bragging, but I guess little ones won't pick up on that (at least I hope). It does a great job of encouraging counting though and of course you can count on the rhyming. The images are such classics and are bold, simple and bright enough to attract the youngest eyes. I think Munchkin did enjoy this book and may enjoy it better when he starts learning his numbers.

My Rating: A favorite from my childhood and will probably be one of Munchkin's favorites as he starts counting. I give it a rating of Three Paws.

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!


  1. lol! I totally loved this one as a kid but when I read it recently I was thinking the same thing you were. In the end, though, it does show that they end up on a mess for their stupidity...or something. Who knows with kids books.

    1. It really is funny how when we look at books we loved as a kid we can get a completely different perspective on the same book.