Friday, December 14, 2012

Bedtime Story/ Advent Stories Day 14: Father Christmas and the Donkey

Welcome to the Advent Story event I am having here on Eastern Sunset Reads this Christmas season.
Every family has their own personal Holiday traditions, and many of them include those advent calendars that have the little chocolates or toys behind each door as you count to Christmas Day. Well in my family we had a Advent Candle instead. Each night we would light the candle and as it burned that day away we would read a special Christmas story or poem. So I decided to bring that tradition to all of you.
Most of the books will be Children's books as I share this tradition with Munchkin for the first time, but I will also have some After Dark specials and maybe a few fiction, romance and young adult books too as time allows. I will also feature a favorite Christmas song each day. So please join me and share some of your favorite traditions, songs and stories this holiday season!


 Synopsis: "A tired old donkey searches for food on Christmas Eve. Suddenly, he hears the sound of silver bells and galloping hoofs. Who could it be but Father Christmas, with a very special Christmas present for a lonely donkey."Ormerod's illustrations combine dramatic silhouettes,iridescent silver, and delicate line-and-watercolor pictures to create a sense of the mystery and wonder of a clear Christmas night."

My Review: One of the best Christmas books so far! Bitter sweet, happy, and adorable all rolled into one. Really helps to explain to little ones that there are worse off and that sometimes the things that you can't see or purchase with money are the best gifts. There are so many little lessons packed into this story. The images are kind of simple, monotone but the touches of silver caught Munchkin's eyes. It was a little long for my little guy (only 3 months) so it took 2 nights but would be a good one for a preschooler.

My Rating: I loved the moral of the story and the illustrations! I give this one a rating of Four Paws and a Stump Wag!

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