Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Stories Day 6: Sock it to me, Santa

Welcome to the Advent Story event I am having here on Eastern Sunset Reads this Christmas season.
Every family has their own personal Holiday traditions, and many of them include those advent calendars that have the little chocolates or toys behind each door as you count to Christmas Day. Well in my family we had a Advent Candle instead. Each night we would light the candle and as it burned that day away we would read a special Christmas story or poem. So I decided to bring that tradition to all of you.
Most of the books will be Children's books as I share this tradition with Munchkin for the first time, but I will also have some After Dark specials and maybe a few fiction, romance and young adult books too as time allows. I will also feature a favorite Christmas song each day. So please join me and share some of your favorite traditions, songs and stories this holiday season!

Synopsis: "Ryan is assigned to Jamie Peterson for his class's secret gift exchange. If word gets out that he has to make a handcrafted gift for flamboyant and openly gay Jamie, Ryan will be the laughing stock of the school. It's a good thing no self-respecting boy would be caught dead in a craft store, because otherwise he'd be at risk of being spotted when his mom drags him to her weekly craft workshops. He hopes Jamie will appreciate all the trouble he's going to for this assignment. Finding the perfect gift is gonna be tricky. Jamie deserves something good, though, after all the crap he has to put up with at school. At least, Ryan tells himself that's the reason he's putting so much thought into the gift. It couldn't be that he has feelings for Jamie, could it?"

My Review: This could quiet possibly be the sweetest romance I have read all year, possibly longer! So much is packed into this little story, romance, coming of age, gay romance (clean), coming out and so much more. I loved the characters, they were so vivid. I want to hang out with all of them! I want to join knitting club with Jamie, I want to baby sit Ryan's little sister, I want to participate in crafting class with Ryan's mom, I want to do a secret santa in his class and of course I want to get to know Ryan. I hope Madison Parker writes more about all these wonderful characters I fell in love with, PLEASE ;)
My Rating: I can't suggest this book enough, it is definitely a Four Paw and a Stump Wag worthy book!!

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