Thursday, November 29, 2012

Music Speaks Read-Along #9 - Double Edged Sword


Throughout November I will be doing a read along of Music Speaks an anthology of stories with music. I hope you will all participate.  Music, like books, can affect us in so many ways it only makes sense to have a book of music stories. I will be doing 2 stories a week, the first of which will be on Thursday. 

You can get your copy in ebook format on Amazon for $2.99 or in paperback format on Amazon for $6.99.  Sorry but its not on Barnes and Noble (I should have told you all to get it earlier because I downloaded it when it was free).

So please join me, if you aren't going to be reading along I would still love if you would stop by, I would love to hear how particular songs or artist have made an impact in your life!

Welcome to the next readalong of the month! This short story in the book is call Double Edged Sword and is written by LB Clark.

All things we love come with ups and downs and a music career is no different as we learn in Double Edged Sword. A music career can bring fame, fortune, all a person could ever want but it can't bring or keep love.  The career you love can bring so much to you but what if it is what comes between you and that one thing that money can't buy? What if it is too late to go back?  That is what the character of this story struggles with daily, the one who got away.

So I am sure you are figuring I am going to ask you what you would choose.  But instead (in honor of the giant Powerball drawing last night) I ask you, if you had the funds to buy anything and everything you could ever ask for, what would you choose?

I have to say, I would probably buy a large piece of property so my husband and I could rescue more animals.  We are huge supporters of animal rescues and would love to be able to foster dogs, cats, horses, etc.  Of course I would have a large room in our house to have that dream library too ;)

We are almost done with the read along, only two more left! I hope you will join me on Monday for Heaven Sent.

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