Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review of Its Not Him, Its You! Relationship Game Changer for Woman by Neko Cheri

Synopsis from Amazon: "Getting straight to the point about relationship choices, The Truth is: It’s not Him, It’s You. Inside you will find ten concise and simple commandments that all women should abide by in order to discover and enjoy fulfilling and satisfying relationships. Within each riveting and stimulating chapter of The Truth is:
It’s not Him, It’s You, the Relationship Game Changer, women will be enlightened and their passion for understanding romance will be ignited. This book is about getting back on track and avoiding future and current friction and tribulation. Once the trifecta the feminine trinity of emotional, physical, and spiritual equilibrium is maintained, women can be free to enjoy healthy and happy relationships with the man of there dreams. Over 110 pages that include real life relationship scenarios that will touch your core. For any woman looking to have a healthy relationship, this is a must read."

My Review: I have been trying a lot of new books lately, and with authors, marketing professionals and publishers I have gotten to try those new genres.  Unfortunately, I don't think this was the right one for me.  I will do my best to give a fair review.  This book is more for a woman who has had difficulty finding and staying in a good relationship, which is part of the reason I think this book didn't mesh with me, I was lucky enough to find an amazing man.  All that aside, I did find it to be a bit negative and really down on men.  The chapters go through and pick at different negative personality traits and resulting failed relationships, which could be helpful if it weren't so negative. If I was reading this while on the hunt for "the one" or even a good, lasting relationship, I don't think I would find it because I would nit pick at any flaw the man displayed and end the relationship before it had a chance to fail. Neko Cheri, states that she wrote this book "to encourage women everywhere" but honestly I found it a little discouraging.

I also found a lot of the points she made to be a common sense for me, maybe it was because I was raised in an area where women respect and value themselves just as highly as men. I was raised to believe I could do anything a man could do and I could do it without one, so again I don't think it was the right book for me.

One the plus side the last chapter was very positive, I kind of wish that the whole book was written in that tone. I think it would have been a lot more effective to bring people up rather than beat them down. Show them things can work out rather than all the negative things that can ruin a relationship.

My Rating: Unfortunately, I am having a hard time rating this book since it really wasn't meant for reading by someone like myself; however, it could be useful to someone else out there.  But I rate books here on Eastern Sunset Reads depending on my reading experience so I have to give it a rating of One Paw and a Stump Wag. Its saving grace for me was the final positive chapter.

This book was sent to be by Neko Cheri's Marketing Partner Jamar James for review.
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  1. Im a single girl in her 30's and have issues that keep me from relationships, but I always find these books way too mean and useless. There needs to be more positive books about this.

    1. I can see how you would feel they are useless, it is really a shame that there aren't more positive ones. Thankfully the author did make some good points in the final chapter about respecting yourself and placing a high value on yourself and goals. There really does need to be a book to encourage that and not in a negative manner.