Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review of For Camelot's Honor by Sarah Zettel

Synopsis:"Set in Arthurian England, FOR CAMELOT'S HONOR is the follow-up to "IN CAMELOT'S SHADOW (LUNA, 3/04) and is based on the epic "Geraint and Enid from the "Mabinogion. Elen, the daughter of a Welsh chieftain, believed that nothing could withstand her retribution against her family's killer. But the evil sorceress Morgaine had other plans--an elaborate plan to cause Elen to betray all she held dear, including her new ally, the High King. Still holding fast to hope, facing deadly foes seen and unseen, Elen traveled through the wild mountains to find a magical weapon to strike down the sorceress. Sir Geraint, her only companion, would risk life and love to complete their quest--but never honor. Would Elen, too, choose honor and the future over revenge and a shattered past?"

My Review: Another fantastic Arthurian romance! Of all the brothers I would pick Geraint as my hubby, he is so quite, intelligent and honorable. This book took on an even more magical story, literally, it is littered with magic and curses for Elen and Geraint to wade through and correct. The curse laid upon Elen is one of the worst I could imagine, but she quickly figures out the loop holes Morgaine didn't close. Elen is very observant and determined to avenge her family and reclaim her lands, but she requires help from some very powerful beings to achieve her goals.

My Rating:  Another of my favorite books from one of my favorite series. The characters were great and while the story got magical and seemed to go a little of course for an Arthurian Legend, it was still a great book! I give it a rating of Four Paws!

For the Arthurian Legends Challenge in 2012


  1. The only Arthurian book I've ever really liked was The Mists of Avalon. :( I'm not sure why, but yeah.

    1. I haven't read the Mists of Avalon yet, but it is on my list this year now that I finally got it after years of asking for it for christmas and birthdays!!

      I really like how this series is more about the four nephews of Arthur/ knights of the round table. Still based in Arthur's court and time but a little background take on it.

      I think you should try Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey. Such a unique Arthurian legend book.