Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Short Story Review of A Life Worth Living by Jennifer Probst

Synopsis: (I don't usually write the synopsis myself so please bear with me) A short story written from a dog's point of view. From an abusive past to a shelter, filled with trials and fear and hope.

My Review: I picked this one up after reading The Marriage Bargain by the same author. I loved how she had incorporated animal rescue into her story, I then saw she had this short story and had to read it. I dare every one of you to try to read it with out tears coming to your eyes! It absolutely breaks your heart as you follow a puppy through abusive times and into a shelter and then a home. It makes me look at my own rescue and wonder what he suffered before the rescue found him and allowed him into our home. While the story is painful to read at first it is definitely worth it to see life flourish after adjusting to life in a home.

Also on a little side note, I noticed on Barnes and Noble that a portion of the proceeds from this story go to an animal rescue. (Really its only .99cents so its worth it)!

My Rating: This was a great heart warming story, but it was obvious it was a person trying to write from a dogs point of view.  I give it a rating of Four Paws.


  1. Thanks for posting about this story. I'm sending a friend a link to this post because "A Life Worth Living" sounds like just the short story for her.

    1. I really hope she enjoys the story, it really touches the heart.