Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review of The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Synopsis: "When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy took their first steps into the world behind the magic wardrobe, little do they realise what adventures are about to unfold. And as the story of Narnia begins to unfold, so to does a classic tale that has enchanted readers of all ages for over half a century."

My Review: Well I forgot how much I enjoyed this book! It is a great adventure for all readers, boy or girl, young or old, new to it or a re-read! The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe is just as fun every time you read it. And I am actually impressed with how well the new movie sticks with the book, but it is still more fun to imagine things for yourself. If you haven't read it or even haven't read it in a while, I suggest you pick it up and loose yourself in Narnia for a bit.  The conversational style of writing makes it easy for everyone to understand and follow. The imagery is rich and you can see everything happening if you close your eyes and of course the variety of unique characters, everyone will find a favorite!

My Rating: I don't think I could give this one any less than Four Paws!

Note: this was suppose to be a Rhodie Reader book club book but due to my being sick and hosting we had to cancel.  I don't have any feedback for you but I am sure all who read it loved it.


  1. I'm actually grateful for the movie because it made me see what everyone loved so much about the books. I never read them as a kid. In fact, I've only ever read the first one. I like the books but the way their written makes me want to hear them rather than read them. Maybe audio books for the rest?

    1. I am glad the movie got you to read the first book, at least it's a start! They are written in a very conversational style so maybe audio books would be a good way to go.