Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Back!!

Sorry I have been away for pretty much the entire last week. It was a mad push to get everything done for the My Little Pony Fair on Friday and Saturday.  I just wanted to share a little bit of my love of ponies and the pony community with all of you (especially since several of you expressed interest in more info on the ponies).

The MLP Fair was hosted in my home state of Rhode Island at Hasbro's headquarters! 

We did a tour of the headquarters but were not allowed to take an pictures within the building or on the tour. They were very serious about this which was a shame, because their hall of memories was the best part! They had little displays of popular toys from the past! They had the original Monopoly game, GI Joes (including a MIB nurse), Lincoln logs, and Tonka Trucks! Of course a big Mr. Potatohead display too!

We also saw the production center where they produce the advertising, both commercials and print adds. It would be a very cool place to work!

We also saw the design center where they put together prototype toys and even got to talk to some of the people who hand paint the pony models!

Then we got to watch a movie premier of a documentary about pony collecting. That is Julie (aka MustbeJewel) who created the movie in the picture with me! (I did manage to get a copy of the movie for myself too).

After a very late night of finishing customs and getting the last few things together it was time for the vendor day on Saturday! I had a booth with a friend of mine (aka mlpgal13)

That's me in costume behind the booth.  My pony name is Alexia on all the pony forums. I did the pony drawings on the front of our table (another late night adventure this last week). It was a great day for selling ponies!

Now for the most exciting part . . .  the customs contests!

There were 4 different categories to enter this year . .
Artwork and handicraft were two categories, I wasn't able to get a picture of those display tables :(

Then there were the Custom categories

First was Hasbro Inspired, where you re-made a hasbro pony into a different generation, pose, style, etc.

And then the Original Customs, where you had free reign to do as you wanted, sky was the limit for your ideas.

There were many fantastic customs entered! The ponies were voted on by the Hasbro team and Judges and then again by the Pony Fair attendants/ fans.  The top two places were announce for each of them.

I am so excited to tell you that the Hasbro Team and Judges voted my Original Custom, Unity, First Place!!!! What an Honor!!!

And . . . The Fans voted my Hasbro Inspired custom, Bubble Bath, 2nd place!!!

Oh My Gosh! It was so exciting!! To not only have my name announced once but to have it announced twice!! It was never expected!

I hope you all had just as fantastic of a weekend!! I promise to get back to the books now ;)


  1. I have been so beyond absent at the Arena lately. That's always been a problem with me, I focus on one thing and other things tend to fall by the wayside. I kinda got a little overwhelmed with hosting the Newbie Swap this winter and I needed a break anyways. You're so lucky the fair was so close to you! I wish I could have gone. I would love to have a booth. Maybe next year... Congrats on winning! That's so exciting! (Those customs are absolutely stunning, btw)

  2. Congrats on winning...twice! Awesome. I suppose it shouldn't be too crazy to me that people collect My Little Ponies. When I was young I wanted one so bad and my mom wouldn't budge! So, when I found out a friend of mine who had some was going to be out of town I broke into their house and stole two! I know, awful, however I slipped on ice on my way in and cut my lip and was bleeding so bad a newspaper boy gave me a ride home on his bike and my mom found out about the whole thing. I had to return them and apologize. Needless to say I got one for Christmas. The things we have to do to prove how seriously bad we want something! ;)

  3. Jessica - Thank you so much! I know what you mean about focusing all your energy on one thing. I have only made 5 customs so far this year and have barely posted on the arena. The only way I could go to the fair is because it was here.

    Jenny - Thank you! Us pony collectors are a little crazy and it was insane having so many of us in a room together. Oh no! Guess your parents should have listened to you in the first place! At least you finally got one :D