Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review of Wyoming Brides by Debbie Macomber & some odds and ends

sorry for lack of photo I will add as soon as blogger lets me!

Synopsis from Goodreads: "Denim and Diamonds:
Rancher Chase Brown has always loved Letty Ellison, but nine years ago she left their small Wyoming town, searching for a different kind of life. Now she’s come home to Red Springs with her dreams in tatters—and a five-year-old child in tow. She’s ready to trade the false glitter of Hollywood for the true happiness of being a rancher’s wife. Chase’s wife. But is it too late?

The Wyoming Kid:
Rancher Lonny Ellison is an ex-rodeo cowboy who’s used to the adulation of women. But that’s something he doesn’t get from Joy Fuller. In fact, they argue constantly. His sister, Letty, says it’s because he’s interested in Joy…and Lonny figures she’s right. Can he convince Joy that marriage to the Wyoming Kid will be as exciting as an eight-second bull ride and as sweet as the cookies she likes to bake?"

My Review: I had a lot of fun reading this book. Both stories were fast reads and an enjoyable break from fantasy and YA. It was almost painful to watch the struggling relationship between Chase and Letty in Denim and Diamonds and almost comical watching the changes to Lonny in The Wyoming Kid. I loved all the characters, they reminded me of my time in Wyoming and that cowboys really are that stubborn (not to mention the women)! Macomber really caught the feeling of small town Wyoming living and her description of the people and events that take place in town almost made me a little home sick. I really enjoyed both these romances. I am really looking forward to reading the Dakota trilogy waiting on my shelves now.

My Rating: I enjoyed this book so much, it definitely earns Four Paws! I only wish there were more to read!


And now for some odds and ends (again for some of my own sanity). 

The schedule of doom continues with another wedding this weekend. This one I am a bridesmaid in, and of course its on an island 8 miles off the mainland (yikes, I hate boats).  So I will be away again from Friday until Sunday. 

I am going to try to schedule my IMM, Bedtime Story and Shelving Saturdays so nothing gets missed. By the way, are you all enjoying the bedtime stories on Friday nights? I am almost done with my list of children's books for 2011 challenge and am wondering if I should continue the bedtime stories or not.

Also my home laptop is not working :( we have been limping it along for about 6 months now. I am hoping it is just the power cord and have borrowed one from a friend. Hopefully I can get it working again.  If not my posts and comments will have to be limited to when I have time at the office.

Next the My Little Pony fair is only 2 weeks away! Boy oh boy do I have a lot to do before then! I need to clean some ponies up for sale, I need to finish some competition customs and some customs for sale and get some artwork done for the booth.  Sooo my reading my have to slow down a bit for the next week or two. In other exciting news to deal with the pony fair, my dress for the cosplay costume came in today! I have nearly all the elements needed now and hopefully I can post a picture for you when its all complete!

Next I would love your opinion on Shelving Saturday. Are you enjoying it? Is there anything in particular you want me to address? I have some ideas for the next several weeks to get all of us organized.

OK so I think that's enough of my rambling and I promise if I can get my home computer working (for those of you who have been asking) I will post some sneak peeks of the custom MLPs I have been working on ;)

Hope you have a great rest of your week!


  1. Well, I like Shelving Saturday just fine! Good grief, girl, you're like the girl in 27 dresses with a wedding every weekend! Crazy.

  2. Haha Jenny, that's how I feel too!! After this one there are 3 more before the end of August, plus 2 baby showers! When its all over I am going to crawl under a rock and hide from anymore invites!