Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

Synopsis from Barnes & Noble: "As punchy as her first foray, Anita Blake's 20th adventure (after 2010's Bullet) finds the intrepid vampire hunter far from her familiar St. Louis environs. Someone is slaughtering weretigers just outside of Tacoma. When Anita recognizes the handiwork of the Harlequin, ninja-like paranormal assassins, she suspects they're in the employ of the Mother of All Darkness, the legendary vampire queen who wants to reincarnate herself in Anita's body and take advantage of her mingled vampire and lycanthrope bloodlines. Complicating matters are a marshal who detests Anita for no apparent reason and a psychopathic deputy who wants to kill her."

My Review: I loved this book in the series! Hamilton returns Anita Blake to her original form. Tough girl who gets absorbed in her work as a paranormal specialist/hunter. I loved the fact that Edward was involved and that Anita wasn't so reliant on her sweeties for strength or knowledge. Although I did kind of miss all the boys' personalities in this book but it was back to what I loved about the series when I first started reading it. It was a nice break from the physical relationships (though there is still some but not nearly what the last several books have included). This is definitely a book to get me back into the Anita Blake series.

My Rating: I loved Hit List and flew through it so I couldn't give it any less than Four Paws! If you enjoy Paranormal type books that aren't all sparkly vampires and friendly werewolves this is a great series, but I suggest starting at the beginning because there is a lot of information you need before reading this the 20th in the series ;)


In other news, I am back from the wedding finally, and only have one more to go next weekend! I will be sure to schedule my Friday and Saturday posts. 

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Hope you all had a great weekend and the week is filled with new book adventures!


  1. 20 books is the series?! Wow! I thought about checking theses out but that's a lot of books.

  2. Yea I read almost the entire series last year in about a month. They went quickly because the first half of the book has a lot of description of each of the characters so I usually skimmed those parts. The series does need an adult content warning though, not every book is bad but many of them are not appropriate for some audiences.