2017 Challenges

I haven't really officially signed up for any challenges but these are the few that I participate in every year and some of my own personal goals.  I usually work on reading books from my TBR shelf but since I continue buying books, the pile never seems to go down.  So this year instead I decided I would read each new book I receive or purchase (unless they are specifically for a collection or building up a series before reading it).  So anyway here are my challenges for the year as well as links to the reviews of books completed.

Children's Book Challenge
I usually go way overboard with these books so I am trying to keep it around 65 books.
6. Driving Force
7. Duck Soup
8. I Will Take a Nap
9. Hedgehugs
10. Happy Valentine's Day Little Critter
11. Love Monster
12. Love Monster and the Perfect Present
13. Duck and Hippo in the Rainstorm
14. The Quite Contrary Man
15. Foreman Farley has a Backhoe
16. Cody the Cloud
17. Monster Trucks
18. Today I will Fly!
19. Mighty, Mighty Construction Site
20. Pancho Bandito and the Amarillo Armadillo
21. We are Growing!
22. Why Not Call it Cow Juice
23. The Longest Game
24. Rhody Ram's RI Adventure
25. Dragonfly Magic
26. One Cent, Two Cent, Old Cent, New Cent
27. Supertruck
28. A Little Book About Safety
29. The Pups Save the Bunnies
30. My Friend is Sad
31. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
32. Giggle, Giggle, Quack
33. Ten Rules of Being a Superhero
34. Fire Engine No. 9
35. Little Owl's Night
36. Little Owl's Day
37. The Beastly Pirates
38. Dear Teacher
39. There is a Bird on Your Head
40. Last Day Blues
41. Catch Crusher
42. Swimmy
43. Big Frank's Fire Truck
44. Make Way for Ducklings
45. Can I Play Too?
46. Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues
47. What to Do With a Problem?
48. Dinotrux Dare to Repair
49. David Goes to School
50. This Book Will Not Be Fun
51. It Came in the Mail
52. Ted and Friends
53. The Librarian of Basra
54. Animalia

Early Reader Challenge
Again this is a challenge that is easy to read a bunch so I am going to try to keep it between 50 - 55 books.
5. Max Has a Fish
6. Bubble Trouble
7. Blaze Loves to Race
8. Pig and Pug
9. Meet Blades the Copter-Bot
10. Let's Make Something
11. Tony Baloney: Pen Pal
12. Fire Truck to the Rescue
13. PJ Masks Save the Library
14. Shampoodle
15. Optimus Primal
16. The Garden that We Grew
17. The Little Duck
18. Miss Bindergarten and the Very Wet Day
19. A Day in the Life of a Firefighter
20. Transformer Rescue Bots: Meet Quickshadow
21. Otis's Busy Day
22. The Colorful Story of Comics
23. Transformer Rescue Bots: Meet Boulder the Construction Bot
24. Transfomer Rescue Bots: Meet Chase the Police Bot
25. Transformers Rescue Bots: Team of Heroes
26. Planet Earth
27. DinoTrux: A Thirsty Day in the Crater
28. Transformers Rescue Bots: Meet Heatwave the Fire Bot
29. Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher
30. Otter: Hello, Sea Friends!
31. Storms
32. Sir Pete the Brave
33. The Berenstain Bears are SuperBears
34. Mouse Makes Words
35. Dory's Story
36. Robin Hill School: Summer Treasure
37. Berenstain Bears Gone Fishin
38. Berenstain Bears Around the World
39. Meet the Minions
40. Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School
41. Mars

Graphic Novel Challenge
I enjoy this challenge and usually post reviews every other weekend so my goal for the year is 25 total.
Audio Book Challenge:
In recent years I have really come to love audio books and have been listening to them more and more. My goal for this year is 30 to 40 books.
Trilogy Challenge:
The past couple of years I have really focused on reading series, but I never really considered trilogies as a series. So this year I am focusing on trilogies and I hope to read one each month for a total of 10-12 trilogies with roughly 36 books.
1.  Snow Like Ashes Trilogy: Book 1, Book .1, Book 2, Book 2.5, Book 3 - COMPLETE
2. Winner's Curse Trilogy: Book .5, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
3. Sons of the Revolution Trilogy: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
4. Watersmeet Series: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
5. A Court of Thorns & Roses Series: Book 1, Book 2Book 3 - COMPLETE
6. Ralph S. Mouse Trilogy: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
7. Grisha Trilogy: Book 1, Book 2Book 3 - COMPLETE
8. Dark Jewels Trilogy: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
9. Captive Prince Trilogy: Book 1Book 2, Book 3, Book 2.5, Book 3.5, Book 3.75 - COMPLETE
10. Pendragon's Banner Trilogy: Book 1
11: Rhiannon's Ride Trilogy: Book 1

Other Series:
Compass Brothers: Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4 - COMPLETE
Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue: Book 0.5Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4Book 4.5 - COMPLETE
Misfits: Book 1Book 2

Requested Reviews:
I love discovering new to me and new authors, and supporting them by posting reviews. It is easy to get carried away with accepting books for review and netgalley so I have set a limit of no more than 25 -30 books.
2. Running on Empty (direct)
3. Edge of the Blade (netgalley)
4. Like a Closed Fist (direct)
5. Miranda and Caliban (netgalley)
6. Guilded Cage (netgalley)
7. Lord of the Mountains (netgalley)
8. From Ant to Eagle (direct)
9. Letters to the Lost (netgalley)
10. Ashes (direct)
11. Given to the Sea (penguin first to read)
12. Jesper Jinx and the Mouse Mayhem (direct)
13. Fyre (netgalley)
14. Martha the Blue Sheep (direct)
15. Book of Bera (netgalley - DNF)
16. Little French Bistro (penguin first to read)
17. Run to Ground (netgalley)
18. The Waking Land (netgalley)
19. Mask of Shadows (netgalley)
20. The Tea Dragon Society (netgalley)
21. Ban this Book (netgalley)
22. On the Chase (netgalley)

Books Added to Shelves
As I said before, I am trying to read books as they come in as opposed to adding them to by TBR shelves. My goal is to read each of the books within about a month. I will list the books here and then link to them when I have completed a review.
4. Winners Kiss
5. Bubble Trouble
6. Blaze Loves to Race
7. Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book
8. Heartstone
9. Beauty and the Beast
10. Norse Mythology
11. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
12. Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Library
13. Trapped
14. Samurai Rising

15. Pancho Bandito and the Amarillo Armadillo
16. The Mating - DNF
17. Hold Your Breath
18. Fan the Flames
19. The Keeper
20. Love and Muddy Puddles
21. Irish Rising
22. The Sculptor
23. Huck: Book 1- All American

24. Dawn Study
25. The Princess Diarist
Name of the Wind
27. Gone Camping
28. Saga Vol. 7
29. Over the Garden Wall
30. The Hundredth Queen
31. A Court of Wings and Ruin
32. On His Watch
33. In Safe Hands
34. After the End
35. Seduced by the Billionaire
36. The Simplicity of Cider

37. Wise Man's Fear 
38. Dragon Teeth 
39. Flame in the Mist 
40. How to Tame a Willful Wife
41. New World: Rising
42. The Sandcastle Empire
43. And I Darken 
44. Finding Wonders 
45. World Mythology in Bite Sized Chunks
46. Eliza and Her Monster
47. Turning Pointe 
48. When Dimple Met Rishi
49. Truthwitch 
50. Windwitch 
51. Done Dirt Cheap *
52. Frogkisser
53. Lawn Boy 
54. Code Talker
55. Princess Leia: Royal Rebel 

56. This Savage Song
57. American Street
58. Pax
59. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
60. The Beast's Garden
61. Under a Painted Sky
62. The Misfits
63. Totally Joe
64. Addie on the Inside
65. Also Known as Elvis
66. Viking Warrior Rebel
67. New Leash on Love
68. Puss Without Boots
69. Northern Exposure
70. Southern Comfort
71. Eastern Ambitions
72. Western Ties
73. Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
74. Monstress Vol. 2 
75. Everyone is an Aliebn when ur are an Aliebn too 
76. The Invisible Library 
77. Saints Blood 
78. Neverwhere  - DNF
79. P.O. Box Love 
80. Britt Marie Was Here
81. Nomansland 
82. The Secret Horses of Briar Hill 

83. The Secret Loves of Geek Girls 
84. Vengeance Road 
85. This One Summer 
86. Keep Me Posted 

87. The Prince of Fools
88. The Nothing Girl
89. Luin the Sapphire
90. His Majesty's Dragon
91. Tortall and Other Lands
92. Wild Magic
93. Wolf Speaker
94. Emperor Mage
95. Realm of the Gods
96. The Winter King
97. The Christmas Blessing
98. The Christmas Hope
99. The Christmas Promise
100. The Christmas Secret
101. The Christmas Note
102. Wonder Woman: Warbringer
103. The John Wayne Code *
104. The Hearts We Sold
105. She and Her Cat
106. Jane Unlimited
107. Before She Ignites
108. Eight Hundred Grapes
109. Shadowcaster
110. Flamecaster
111. The Last Magician
112. Timekeeper
113. Bone Witch
114. Stalking Jack the Ripper
114. Hunting Prince Dracula
115. Vassa in the Night
116. As You Wish
117. Invictus
118. Down and Across
119. Naondel
120. An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors
121. Language of Thorns
122. Every Little Thing
123. Daughter of Smoke and Bone
124. Klaus
125. Invention of Hugo Cabret
126. Lost Pony of Riverdale
127. Poppy's Diary
128. The Natural History of Dragons

TBR Shelf Books
While I am not officially participating in any TBR challenge, I still like to keep track of the books I have read off my TBR shelf.
10. Calen the Emerald
11. How My Dorky Dad Became a Hero
12. Frost Like Night
13. Vienna Nocturne
14. Winter Studs
15. Bridge of Snow
16. Making of a Duchess
17. Making of a Gentleman
18. Winner's Curse
19. Winner's Crime
20. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
21. Poems from the Mind of a Madman
22. Hidden Presences
23. The Rogue Pirate's Bride
24. Ruined
25. The Siren
26. A Cricket's Thanksgiving
27. Motocross Summer
28. Mad Tales
 29. Maid for Love
30. Watersmeet
31. Centaur's Daughter
32. Shoreline
33. A Grocery List & Other Poems
34. Tide Roaring In
35. More Than Peaches
36. A Court of Thorns and Roses
37. Riders
38. A Court of Mist and Fury
39. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
40. The Book Thief
41. Pippi Longstocking
42. Soldier Sister, Fly Home
43. The Mouse and the Motorcycle
44. R2-D2 To the Rescue
45. Runaway Ralph
46. Raph S. Mouse
47. Gone to Deep
48. The Reader
49. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
50. Journey to the Lights
51. A Man Called Ove
52. Rebels and Courtesans
53. Sword & Verse
54. Fangirl
55. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
56. Shadow & Bone
57. Siege & Storm
58. Ruin & Rising
59. Daughter of the Blood
60. Heir to the Shadows
61. Kingmaking
62. Queen of the Darkness

As usual, I love supporting my local authors and host a whole month of RI authors so I am shooting for about 20 books by my local authors.

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